TASTE I SAVOUR I Frauenkirchen is since hundreds of years committed to quality.
As of the year 1240 AD, Cistercian monks planted noble Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris in the Neusiedler See area. From the beginning the optimal prerequisites for the grapes were discovered and excellent wines were produced.

Our winemakers take advantage of the good climatic conditions in the region.
Spoiled from the sun and lovingly pampered in the garden, the grapes are harvested at the precise perfect moment, handled in the traditional art in the cellar. And the young wine – in the modern trend – is wisely developed with the right know how.
These wines can be enjoyed directly at the winemakers or one of the many gastronomy locations in the city.

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Amtshausgasse 5
7132 Frauenkirchen